by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

It was nice to be able to attend Church at Rockville United Methodist Church this Mother’s Day.

Mt. Zion Area near Taberville area had a lot of storm damage this past week, trees uprooted and a lot of damage to buildings and cars, lots of rain.

Mt. Zion Cemetery meetings have been canceled until further notice

Kidds Chapel Cemetery meetings have been canceled until further notice.

The blackberries are in full bloom so, maybe this is our last cold spell?.

Laverne Motley is doing therapy at the hospital in El Dorado Springs; she is progressing well. Laverne will be making cookies again soon.

Wanda Rectors’ granddaughter and family came for the day recently, spending the time outdoors helping to get the yard in shape. Everyone had a fun time and the yard sure looks good. Lots of hands makes the work go faster.

Dixie Peterson enjoyed phone calls and mail while doing therapy at Truman Lake Manor.

Archie and Judy Pier are getting settled in their new home in Appleton City.

Marge has talked with some of her quilting buddies, most are getting their UFO’s finished up.

Over at the Robin Siegismund Farm, things are fairly normal. Belle is still “Cowdoging Up.” The storm brought lots of rain and washed the walnuts out of Belle’s favorite napping hole, sure made her happy. The little chicks are growing so fast, so far no more. Robin is knitting on something new.

John and Julia Snethen are doing good, busy with all the new flowers the planted.

Keep Praying for our country.

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