by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

Moring message at the Rockville United Methodist Church was by Nicholas Van Dam, entitled “How’s Your Vineyard” from Isaiah 5: 1-7.

Mt. Zion Home Bible study meets each Tuesday at 7 .p.m in the Tom and Beverly Pelkey home to study the Bible with eight in attendance. All are welcome to join us to study the Bible, call Tom at 660-598-0477.

The Community was saddened to learn of the passing of Al and Minnie Miller and Lilian Fricke, our sympathy to the families. Services were held Saturday; Prayers for the Kenny Taylor family.

Mt. Zion area is enjoying a little cooler weather, some had rain some did not. I bet the next time I am out and about the farmers will be harvesting corn. Plants are looking a little like fall. Those soybeans are sure tall hope there not all show and no beans.

My door knob garden is producing tomatoes thanks to the neighbors.

I thought I had a problems until I talked to Robin Siegismund, my problem is I can’t hardly walk for tripping over the six chickens I have, Robin said she had the same problem only 50 chickens underfoot; but she is teaching Belle the dog to herd them away. Belle is doing well; but enjoys her afternoon treat of cool water in her swimming pool and her popsicle treat. The kids have left but Billy and Buddy goat will spend the winter.

Beverly Pelkey and Marge Zink enjoyed lunch out Wednesday getting an early start for Beverly birthday later this month. Tom was under the weather first of the week, but did make it to the eye doctor will return later for cataract surgery. Justin Dodson was a recent visitor.

Daryl and Danny Stoegoner visited their parents Bob and Sheri Suster.

Howard and Dixie Peterson were out 4-wheelin’ on their country roads enjoying the nice weather; Dixie had kept her doctor appointment.

John and Julia Snethen kept doctor appointment this past week and John ran his bus route. Ron Thompson had good news, he has his first grandson born Thursday, Aug. 11 at 27 weeks 31/2 lbs. 15 inches his name is Braxton and is holding his own he is in Freeman Hospital in Joplin Ashley Thompson is the mother and Ron’s daughter.

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