by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

In the Mt Zion area, life moves on, trees are leafing out, flowers are blooming, farmers are busy getting crops planted, cows are calving, gardens are being planted yards being mowed. People are staying home unless they have to go to work, grocery store or feed store when necessary.

Sympathy to the Jean Sheldon family. Jean passed away on April 11, 2020. She was a friend and supporter of all the quilt groups in our area. A lot of ladies met Jean when she accompanied Charles selling insurance in the community years ago.

Sympathy to Glenns Hendickson and family, her mother Lorna Smith Passed away April 13, 2020. Glenna lived in our area for several years. Lorna had ancestors in our area, she taught school for 53 years, a great lady who touched many young lives.  I know Glenna and her family are missing Lorna.

Dixie Peterson is doing therapy at Truman Lake Manor not being able to have visitors, enjoys mail, TV and phone calls. and making calls.  We enjoy hearing from her.

Wanda Rector has been staying home, accomplishing a lot of projects. She has a new roof on the house, got the ditch fixed so she can mow safer and lots of yard work done.  Good news Rex is doing good on the Treatments.

John and Julia Snethan are doing well. Julia calls her family on Sundays, son Ron visited friends and family Saturday, mowing the yard on Sunday. Julia will celebrate her birthday, April 24.

Tom Pelkey is keeping up with the grass and cleaning up the yard.  The wood fairies have made another visit the week, he has plenty to keep him busy.  Beverly us keeping busy feeding the cats and doing some Spring cleaning.

Tri-County Quilt Club has canceled the May 4 meeting and  Mt Zion Club has canceled their May 20 meeting. Looking forward to getting back to normal. See everyone soon.

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