by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen sumitted by Beverly Pelkey

Morning message at Rockville United Methodist Church by Pastor Linda Wansing was “ Stories” from Matthew 13:1-9. You are always welcome to join us Sunday for Worship at 9 a.m.

Mt. Zion Club will met July 28, at Rockville United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall Rockville at 10:30 to do work for the hostess.  Carry in dinner at noon. For information, call 660-598-4240.

Mt. Zion area received several inches of rain this past week. Corn fields have really grown. Marge’s door knob garden really has grown, it is doing good thanks to the neighbors.

Tom and Beverly Pelkey have been busy, Tom got the yard mowed. Beverly found homes for more kittens. Busy keeping the hummingbirds feed.

Dixie Peterson enjoyed watching the fireworks at the Truman Lake Manor where she is doing therapy.

Over at the Robin Siegismund Farm, Belle is happy the Fourth of July Celebrations are over. She stayed at her house with a leash on; doesn’t like fireworks. Robin is still making little people blankets.  Mabel’s garden is producing well.

Sorry, Julia Snethen is home, recovering from a sinus infection.

Sheri Suster and Danny have returned from a vacation in Minnesota. It was nice, but there is no place like home.

Wanda Rector has been home the past week. Must be resting up for the next get-away. Did make it to exercise class.

Pam Walker is enjoying having Helen and family visiting.

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