by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

Morning message at the Rockville United Methodist Church was by Leland Browning, titled “The Lord will Provide” from Genesis 22:1-4. Fellowship breakfast and a business meeting were held before church services. You are always welcome to join us each Sunday at 9 a.m. Also for Tuesday mornings Bible Study at 9 a.m.

Mt. Zion area welcomed a new citizen, June 22, 2020, Ivan Walter Siegismund. His parents are Ethen and Michelle Siegismund, Ivan was welcomed home by two big brothers, Aaron and Joel Siegismund.

Mt. Zion area is enjoying the summer weather, showers of much-needed rain, the corn is almost ready to tassel, soybeans are up and growing, the gardeners are waiting for their green tomatoes to ripen, lawns are being mowed and hay baled, we are keeping busy.

Wanda Rector is really into this cleaning business, now she is cleaning the closets, dresser drawers and making progress passing stuff off to the grandkids

Over at the Robin Siegismund Farm, Robin and Belle had a little scare the other night, returning from closing the chickens up when hearing this unusual sound like nothing they ever heard before. Looking around for the source, it was a doe deer pawing the ground and making the noise. Belle being the brave watchdog told her to leave and she did.

Tom Pelkey has been making progress on filling the woodshed and making a ring of wood around a tree.  The wood rings are cute and clever. Tom and Beverly had a visitor from Appleton City last week, Libby May The Dog came to visit for awhile; such a sweetie. Beverly has been busy feeding the hummingbirds, there seems to be more of them; cleaning and making a little progress.

Julia Snethen accompanied John to El Dorado Springs where he keep his doctor’s appointment. Julia did some shopping. The little pigs are still cute and growing. She has lots of hummingbirds too.

Sympathy to Donna Harris whose brother, Charles Cook, from Arizona died recently.

Dixie Peterson has been busy doing therapy at Truman Lake Manor while still enjoying her birthday cards and watching TV and talking on the phone.