Greetings, My Fellow Missourians,

The time for my final weekly report has finally arrived and my mind is moving in several different directions. This report will most likely be the most difficult I have ever written.

My oh my, these past 8 years have been a chapter in my life that I never would’ve dreamed of as a small boy growing up on a dirt road on the Benton/St. Clair County line.

First, I want to thank my wife, Marla, and my family for their support, encouragement and hard work helping me thru the campaigns. Secondly, to the many friends and organizations for their endorsement and financial investment in my campaigns that helped elect me for four terms. Third, I want to thank my fellow Legislators for their advice, friendship and support. Lastly but not least, are my Legislative Assistant’s Debbie Poire, Kelley Rogers, Amy Helton and my Website Administrator Teresa Smith.

It never occurred to me when I first ran for State Representative that serving the District involved as much “Constituent Work”. However with the good help of my LA’s assisting 100’s upon 100’s of people with issues too numerous to list it quickly became the most satisfying and rewarding part of the job.

The Legislative process can be very frustrating on some issues and very rewarding on others, but overall I liked it and would do it all over again. I also found out you cannot please everybody, and if you think you can you will be miserable all the time. I will say this: “The majority of feedback from Constituents has always been positive and that makes you feel good. But on the other hand I have had my share of critics, which is just part of being an  elected official.”

Now to answer the number one question I get which is: What are you going to do now?

Well I have to be realistic, I will be 71 years old in February and it will be two years before the next election, of which will be subject to re-districting. I will never say never that I might run again for another position, but it is highly unlikely. What is likely is a full time commitment to my family and our ranch. I have been involved in agriculture all of my life and will continue to be an active member in several different Ag Organizations. Being a carpenter by trade and a do-it-yourselfer, my bucket list is pretty long. I have plans to re-roof our home this coming Spring. After that, we have an ole hayloft barn to restore and I already have logs cut to build a log cabin for the Children and Grandchildren to stay in when they come home to visit, work, hunt and/or fish in the lake.

In closing being the Cowboy that I am my motto has always been, “I Ride for the Brand”. Instead of being a State Representative and riding for the 125th District, I will be riding for our own outfit the Love Ranch and the Missouri Beef Industry.

It has been an Honor and Pleasure serving the Constituents of the 125 and I wish everyone a Prosperous New Year.