On-demand printing and laminating services at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Missouri Geological Survey in Rolla will cease operations.

Free copies of topographic and mineral maps remain available to download for personal printing through the U.S. Geological Survey at usgs.gov/faqs/how-do-i-find-download-or-order-topographic-maps.

Interactive geologic maps, research tools and other resources from the Missouri Geological Survey are also available online at share.mo.gov/nr/mgs/MGSData/Forms/AllItems.aspx.

“Customer traffic for our map printing services has declined steadily over the years as our publications, maps and other information shifted to being available online,” said Carey Bridges, state geologist and director of the Missouri Geological Survey. “The Ed Clark Museum of Missouri Geology in Rolla remains open to the public during regular business hours. Items such as the popular Missouri Rocks and Minerals Set and printed copies of the Geologic Map of Missouri, Mineral Resources and Industry Map of Missouri, and Geologic Wonders and Curiosities of Missouri will remain available to purchase for museum visitors.”

Founded in 1853, the Missouri Geological Survey’s mission is to collect and distribute information about Missouri’s water, mineral and energy resources. Its five technical programs include the Dam and Reservoir Safety, Geological Survey, Land Reclamation, Soil and Water Conservation and Water Resources Center.

Visit dnr.mo.gov/about-us/missouri-geological-survey for more information about the department’s Missouri Geological Survey.