Some of my priority legislation continues to move through the legislative process. Senate Bill 834 would enact provisions relating to the disposition of certain reinsurance contracts. Senate Bill 835 would modify provisions relating to financial instruments. Both of these are in the Missouri House of Representatives, awaiting further action, along with two other measures I have written about here previously.

I would  like   to     congratulate Yarik Chervonetskyi, who is a student at Sedalia-Smith Cotton High School, whose artwork has been selected for

                                                                        “Freedom” by Yarik Chervonetskyi

the 2024 Senate Art Exhibit at the Capitol. He entered the competition for the 28th Senatorial District, using graphite and charcoal to create his work called “Freedom.” Yarik and his teacher, Rachel Ramirez, were both honored during a ceremony at the Capitol this week.