MARGARET M. (GIBBS) SMITH TURNS 104! – was born Jan. 3, 1919, in the family home on Grand Street, El Dorado Springs. She was the oldest child of Charlie and Hattie Gibbs. Margaret had three brothers, but never knew the joy of having a sister. She started school in the old high school for first through third grades, then went to North School (now known as Liston) for fourth through sixth, then back to the high school building for seventh through ninth grades.

At the age of 16 Margaret decided school was not for her and instead went to work at the Miller Boarding House doing kitchen work which sometimes included dressing a chicken for yummy fried chicken. They not only fed the boarders, but also fixed a noon meal for folks in the community. She held other jobs throughout her work career including running a laundromat, babysitting, shirt factory, sewing machine sales, and not the least of these, homemaker.

Margaret became acquainted with her husband, Carl Smith, during their school days. The couple were married when she was 17, he was almost 19, and they always made El Dorado Springs their home. Their marriage was cut short by his death in 2007 on their 71st wedding anniversary.

Margaret and Carl had two daughters and one son. One daughter lives in Abilene, KS, one is deceased, and the son lives near Bolivar. She has a sum total of 26 grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great- great-grandchildren.

Margaret was baptized in 1959, and has attended the Church of Christ for many years. When asked for advice on how to live a long life, she simply stated, “Live a good life.” She has been a resident here at Community Springs for approximately three years and likes being together with other people and the nice people who are here. She may be small in stature, but she is mighty in heart and spunk. Thank you, Margaret, for being our Resident of the Month.