If you can think of a hypothetical shooting situation, Nathan Murrell likely can put it on screen for you in his digital indoor shooting range at Bear Arms located a block south of Hwy. 54 on Park Street in El Dorado Springs.

Nathan installed his shooting range last August, the structure right beside his gun shop that people have asked him if it’s storage. Well, what it has in store for you is more fun than you can imagine.

Church shooting scenario? He’s got it. You are the hero trying to take out the bad guys, but you have to be careful because an innocent pops out when least expected.

With 950 possible scenarios and with adjustable degree of difficulty, you’ll need 100% concentration and careful aim.

The shooting range will also accommodate conventional paper targets.

You can compete against family members or friends. The computer will remember your scores.

Air quality is not a problem with positive ventilation. Fresh air is pumped in at the north end where shooters stand. Air is pumped out at the down range end and purged through a series of filters.

Spent lead is collected in a couple of buckets so it can be recycled and melted down for bullets  or snagging sinkers.

The back stop is rated for up to a .308 caliber but the largest Nathan allows in the shooting range is .44 magnum. He has ordered frangible bullets for use in AR platform rifles. Those bullets disintegrate on impact.

You can opt to use a laser fire pistol for the scenarios shooting. If you’ve always wanted to face a zombie, just say the word. If you are more comfortable with a conventional bullseye target, Nathan can dial that up for you.

The range is 50 ft. long but it will digitally simulate a much greater distance.

If pop cans are your game, you’re in luck. The pop cans on the screen bounce. If you hit one three times, it disappears.

Digital clay targets sail for one shooter or two. No, you can’t use a shotgun. Single projectile only or a laser pistol.

The gun range is available during Bear Arms normal business hours. Ask about special hours and party packages.

All day on paper targets is $11 or $6 for 15 minutes. The shorter time frame lets you rent a pistol from Bear Arms you always wanted to try. The author compared a pistol in another caliber to the one he purchased.

Memberships: single $325, family four – $475, law enforcement or military – $275. Membership gets you one year of unlimited range use, 10% discount on ammo, four free rental pistolsand three free guest passes. You get 30 minutes of range time. After that if others are waiting, you must move to the back of the waiting list.

Single and family memberships receive one free Range Time shirt. Annual family membership includes primary member, partner and children under 18 living at home.

Drop by and ask for a tour. It will make your trigger finger itch.