I was just about to tell you I didn’t have anything this week and we all know that usually puts me into dangerous territory. Then when I tried to save Rock Wall 012518, my computer said I had already saved one. You probably know that I make a list each week if something comes up that I think might interest you. Good thing I do that because the usual Tuesday madhouse distracts me. That’s another way of saying I forget.

I made the rounds in the office asking each of our associates if they had anything for Rock Wall. Some of them were a little coy – like they had something but couldn’t or wouldn’t say to protect the guilty.

I had this one on my list:

Charlotte Wiggins, our gardening expert, sez, “The one good thing about this extended cold weather is we should have a nice surprise lily show later this year.”

I had told her that the 34 I dug up here and Kimball shipped to Baton Rouge are already coming up. I don’t know if that is because I didn’t plant them deep enough or if they like the warmer digs.

Charlotte told us to put bone meal in the bottom of each hole. We looked but couldn’t find any at the Baton Rouge nursery. By the way, Adrian wasn’t about to put her hands on any bone meal. Something was deadly enough to cause the animal to donate its bones and none of us want anything to get passed on the Van who solely depends on Adrian for his food supply.

We ended up buying some bulb fertilizer. I mixed a tablespoon of it with dirt in the bottom of the hole. I asked Charlotte about side dressing with that fertilizer and she said not to do it.

I’m sure you know how pink ladies (aka surprise lilies) first put up green leaves that feed the bulbs for a few weeks so they’ll have enough strength to favor us with their beautiful flower. The green leaves die down. Then after a couple of weeks or so (it seems longer if you are waiting), up comes the surprise.

What will the result be in Baton Rouge? Will the bulbs have enough strength to produce flowers the first year. Around here, they normally don’t the first year or two.

– Van now weighs 11 pounds. Adrian’s doctor said he’s a little light yet. She said that when he reaches 12 pounds he should be able to sleep all night. I don’t remember that magic weight with Adrian and Davis. I also don’t remember them sleeping all night. Van will celebrate his 13th week in the world this Saturday.

The other evening, I was waiting for our order in a restaurant when a media message came to my phone – the latest picture of Van. I immediately made it my wallpaper replacing the one from a week earlier. It hasn’t been very long ago that I wouldn’t have known that wallpaper is the picture on my phone.

– I’m glad that people in Stockton are getting interested enough in our county hospital to run for the board. When two of them signed up for the same board seat, one lady withdrew in favor of the other. It’s been several years since we had two good Stockton people on the board.

– I really got a kick out of interviewing the Murrells about the indoor shooting range. I had no idea their computer could put all those targets and scenarios on the screen. One thing I mentioned to Nathan was a Tri-County Area shooting contest. The problem will be setting up the categories. A rifle or long barreled pistol against a pocket pistol wouldn’t be fair. The computer will remember everybody’s score. Nathan’s thinking about it so give him your ideas. KL