The Cedar County Hospital Board of Trustees heard a live zoom presentation from Shane Fleming of Teledigm Health. Teledigm Health is located in Lincoln, NE, and seves 80 rural hospitals in 10 states.

Teledigm supplies board certified physicians via zoom from 7 p.m.-7 a.m.

Fleming said that a service like Teledigm can have a great impact on physician recruitment. According to Fleming, having  a service to cover the nighttime shift , is very appealing to physicians coming out of medical school. He also said that services like this one is the future of medical care. The presentation was for information only and the board made no decision about whether or not to have such a service.

Trustees Michelle Detwiler, David Bozarth, Harold Fugate and Board President Marvin Manring were present as were CEO Terry Nichols, CFO Carla Gilbert and CNO Breann Jackson, Trustee Katie McGee was absent. Since attendance at the meeting was limited because of health reasons, there were several people that called in to hear the audio of the meeting.

Nichols mentioned that he had hired a maintenance crew and that Deputy Schierek  was coming back to the hospital to teach what to do in the event of an active shooter at the hospital. Nichols said it was something the hospital used to do and nobody knew why it was discontinued. Nichols also said that he had plans to beef up security at the hospital.

The board voted to purchase a 2019 Dodge Caravan from Bland Used Cars for $14,500.

Gilbert reviewed the financials ending 12/31/2023 as well as the FY25 budget. The board voted to pay the bills as cash allows.

The CNO report included the Utility Improvement Plan, Disaster Risk Assessment and Policies and Procedures.

The board went into closed session.

There was no report from that session.