Cedar County Memorial Hospital’s CEO Terry Nichols introduced the

hospital’s new logo at a meeting Thursday, July 28, at city hall. The CCMH Board of Trustees and the hospital’s staff filled the Community Center’s two meeting rooms and listened as Nichols shared his vision for the hospital and how each of them fit into that vision.
Nichols said that the hospital was in good shape financially but is aware of the perception that many have of the hospital. He said, “I’ve been there before and I know the way out. We are not putting together a survival plan, we’re putting together a success plan.
He said ‘I’m here to be the CEO, not the boss. The boss is the patient”
He said that “urban hospital’s treat numbers. We treat people. We’re going to be the hospital of choice.”
Earlier in the evening, the Hospital Board met at the hospital.

The new logo design was created by Taylor Austin.

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