The Cedar County Ambulance Board met in the district headquarters building in Stockton on Monday, March 18, with all present: Rusty Norval – chairman, Nadinne Sinclair – vice chairman, Keith Kasco – secretary/treasurer, Diana Johnson and Evenly Boyle. The board is still down one member due to the resignation of John Wilson.

The board voted to include an extended warranty for the Stryker gurneys for $2,211.

The clerk, Tami Ringler, told the board she had decided she does not need a new computer. She cannot find one she thinks is a good deal and ahe doesn’t use it much anyway,

Sinclair said reflective markers are needed for the driveway. It was determined that she will go get some. An EMT said he thinks they won’t last long because there is a lot of vandalism.

A motion was made by Sinclair to keep the option open to put the ambulance service out for bid in 2019. It doesn’t mean that the board will. It just means that it can.

The board voted to purchase six curbs for the back of the building t a cost of $81.35.

The board voted to terminate its internet service. The clerk only uses it to check the email and she can do that on the guest account at CMH or at home.

The board voted to discontinue the housekeeping service provided by Cintas for $1,000 per year because CMH provides that service free. The borrd voted to purchase equipment provided by Cintas for a $1,000 cap.