On Thursday evening, Oct. 15, the Cedar County Memorial Hospital held their 12th annual fundraiser themed “60 Years of Serving” since the hospital will celebrate its 60th anniversary on Nov. 6.

In a look back – Plans for the hospital began in early 1957 when local citizens decided that a facility was something that people wanted and began to help raise the votes necessary to establish a hospital board and raise funds for the project. Construction of the hospital began in 1959 with the total cost of the building and equipment being $523, 175. The hospital opened November 6, 1960 with Dave Gassiot as the first hospital Administrator. The medical staff of the hospital included R.L. Magee, M.D.; W.B. Richter, M.D.; J.H. LaPere, D.O.; John W. Rogers, D.O.; W.D. Sunderwirth, D.O.; C.H. Sunderwirth, D.O.; S. Lyle Conway, D.D.S.; Samuel J. Short, D.D.S.; and C.N. Hall, D.D.S. Dr. E.D. Barrett and C.W. Neale, D.D.S. were added to the list of active medical staff members later that year. When the hospital first opened, charges for surgery were $10.00, room rates were $6.00 and the private room charge was $10.

Looking at 2020 – Things look very different from 1960 and also look a lot different than just last year at this time. With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the lives of everyone, careful consideration was given during the planning stages of the fundraiser. We pared back the time frame a bit, handled the food service differently, worked with social distancing and masks and temp checked attendees. We reached out in an effort to raise funds to purchase two Hill-Rom Centrella Smart hospital beds to increase comfort and better serve our patient population at an estimated cost of $13,000.

We are happy to report that our community and area supporters have once again stepped forward to help. With our capital campaign, live auction and additional gracious contributions, our CFO, Carla Gilbert reported that with a few expenses left to pay that we are near $15,000 for the event! We owe a lot of “Thank You” mentions to so many. To those who donated money, items for the auction and also donated much of their time to help. We especially want to say “Thanks” to Shannon Mays of Shannon and Associates and her team who handled the live auction for us – all of their time and expertise was donated. Also a special “Thanks” to our “Rock with the Doc” band that consisted of Dr. Andrew Wyant, Krystal and Juliet, Ginelle Esry, Ron Alumbaugh, Ron Swopes and sound man, Jim Purtle – they too, all donated their time and talents at no charge to us .There are so many other people to thank that are too numerous to mention, those who helped with the set-up, tear-down and all things in between. You are all appreciated more that you know and we are so thankful for the help.

With that being said, on behalf of the Cedar County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees, Administration, Staff and employees – Thank you EVERYONE. It is so appreciated. – Jeanne Hoagland, Marketing Coordinator – We’ll see you next year!

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