I feel like this may be one of my last Rock Walls after 41 years. You know  I started this column to imitate my hero Paul Harvey who always had something uplifting to say about his fellow man to end his daily program.

We have a new computer program and it works completely different and totally on its own. I’ve told Kimball several times today I didn’t think I would live through the day. I didn’t think I would but I had no fear; because I had no fear of eternity. All because Jesus saved me on June 23, 1961, in Grace Missionary Baptist Church in El Dorado Springs, MO., on my face under the altar seeking Him. He gave me perfect peace like you’ve never known if he didn’t give it to you. And I’ve still got it.

I think I’d like to maybe consider retiring from the newspaper, but Kimball doesn’t want to just yet. I when I think I’m done I’m sure Kimball will continue.

Maybe we can share the joy with a few more people.

I feel so lucky that the Lord put us together and gave us two beautiful children, one who helps at the newspaper. I thank the Lord for the love of the people in town who prayed for me when I was in a coma for 20 days 7 years ago. Bro. Ron Pitts said you never know when one of “them hit a lick.” I agree. So we’ll work until we can’t.

I didn’t eat all weekend, and I was so weak I could barely standup. I’m still weak and I’m still shaky.

Kimball is a slave driver and won’t let me quit …or die or sleep. KL