JAN TAYLOR HONORED WITH RETIREMENT LUNCHEON – Saturday night of the 1977 Picnic, Jan Taylor began her career with the City of El Dorado Springs as the police dispatcher and the police secretary..and the City Court Clerk.

Ernie Clawson was Police Chief at the time. “Back then we didn’t have 911,” Jan says. “The dispatcher was it. Dispatching was interesting but stressful.”

In the early 80’s she transferred to the Utilities Department where she became the secretary to the utilities director and retained her position as court clerk.

As City Court Clerk, Jan says, “I’ve heard just about everything.” But as court clerk she felt that she helped people understand that they were on the wrong path, but that they could do better. She says that even today, some of the people that where in her court when she first started are grandparents and parents and they remember her.

“That’s the joy of a small town,” she says. “Everyone knows you.”

As court clerk, she’s been through three prosecutors and two judges.

Jan was born on July 20, after her mother had gone to the Picnic. She likes to say, “My mother went to the Picnic and came back with me.”

At age three she and her family moved to Colorado and stayed until Jan graduated from High School, then moved back to El Dorado Springs. And that’s when Jan’s decades long involvement with the city began.

“I have had an excellent run and worked with some super people.”

She plans to take a few short trips then spend time with her sons, Bryan and Dave, her granddaughters and her great-grandson.

“A lot of good family time.”

The luncheon was held Friday, May 8, at City Hall. She retired just two months short of 43 years.

Pictured from left – Granddaughters Janell and Emily Taylor, Jan Taylor holding her great grandson, Noah Dawson, granddaughter Ericka Jones and sons, David Taylor and Bryan Taylor.