City Manager Bruce Rogers told the council at the Monday, Oct 4, meeting that the city had received 1⁄2 of the stimulus money from the government and it had been deposited in the water/sewer account. He said they city would receive the rest next year.

All council members were present: Brett Entrikin, Jim Luster, Nick Bland, Mayor Nathan Murrell and Cory Gayman.

During the Public Forum, Glenda Baker asked about putting a bench in the Community Garden. She was told to contact the people in charge of the Community Garden. She was told that in the event that Community Garden moved, the bench was would go with it; if the garden property was sold (the property belongs to the city). The bench could be moved to the Park.

Rogers told the council that the Library board has signed a contract with West Port Construction out of Clinton, to build the new Library. The city told them that when the   contact was signed, they would transfer title to the Library board.

In the original agreement with John Smith, if the property was no longer used by the library, that title would transfer to the school. Even though the library will be on the same property, the city has checked with the school and they are not interested. The Library Board would like to have something more formal from the school.

The city sold seven properties in the special tax sale and netted $10,161.

The city is working on the driving range.

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