On September 29, 2021, El Dorado Springs police officers responded to the 1300 block of South First Street, concerning human remains.        Upon arrival officers located human skeletal remains in an undeveloped area of the city.

Cedar County Corner Nora Powell was called and she and the Cedar County Sheriff’s Department taped off the area and called the Highway Patrol.

The remains were removed by the Cedar County Coroner’s Office and sent to SW Forensics. From there they will be sent to the lab in Springfield for DNA testing and then possibility testing several possible relatives for matches. They are interested in people who have been missing for about six months.

Powell said the remains were found about 20 feet from the road and on top of the ground and had been there for a while.

She said there doesn’t appear to be any wrong doing, but it is under investigation. She did say that shoes were found with the body.

The remains were found by a man who was waiting at Dollar General for his wife to pick him up.