PUMPER TRUCK – New to us. Last week the El Dorado Spring Volunteer Fire Department got its equipment back to full strength when it took delivery of a pre-owner 1999 Pierce Saver four door enclosed cab pumper truck to replace the one lost in the tragic wreck on Oct. 3 that claimed the life of Volunteer Fireman Russ Hayes. The city paid the City of Strafford $60,000 for the truck that has an air conditioned cab, 71,500 miles on the odometer, caries 750 gallons of water and has a 1,500 gal. per minute pump. Firemen say it will be used in town because it could empty its tank in 30 seconds. City Manager Bruce Rogers said that insurance on the destroyed truck will just about cover the cost of the new truck. Monday Fire Chief Bob Floyd and several volunteer firemen took the truck to the John D Smith library where several youngsters and members of the public gave it the once over. Assistant Fire Chief Craig Carpenter said the truck responded to its first call last week, a flue fire that died out when it heard the new truck was coming.

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