Wanda Jennings always sends us a Halloween cake to commemorate our anniversary – the 43rd this year. We share it with the office, of course. Mary said this cake was as good as the icing. Thank goodness Wanda doesn’t put candles on it. With the fire department’s new 1,500 gal. per minute pumper, the stream could probably break windows and skin small animals.

-I learned Friday night that our Bulldogs don’t quit and that the coaches have new winkles to throw at the competition. To be quite honest, I had a lot of misgivings after the loss to Adrian. I figured Warsaw studied the game films to see what weaknesses Adrian had found.

It looked bad, to me, when Warsaw took the opening kickoff and marched it down the field for eight points. Then we answered with only six. Then they went down the field for six more.

The team got Shelby McKinney loose to tie it at 14.

Warsaw was knocking on the door from the less than 10 yards just before half and our boys denied them on three or four attempts. That could have been the turning point of the game.

The 3rd quarter turned into a track meet. The game could have ended at 56-14 if Coach Scroggins hadn’t shown mercy and substituted everybody. It ended at 56 – 20.

I was talking to Supt. Mark Koca who readily admitted he was concerned early in the game. He asked me what happened in the game that we hadn’t seen in many years. His answer: Quarterback Trey Babcock started passing, a move by the Bulldog coaching staff that caught the Wildcats completely off guard. They weren’t long passes but they put the ball in the hands of our speedy backs who just ran off and left the Wildcat defenders. On the first one, I got a photo of a Warsaw defender laying on the ground after he missed a tackle watching McKinney outrun the rest of the defenders to the goal line 74 yards away. That tied the score at 14.

QB Babcock was credited with five TD passes. I don’t know if the two pitches down by the goal line that went for TDs were chalked up a passes or not. Don’t care. They worked perfectly.

– Davis, as a new expectant father, got a little confused. He and Erica’s ultrasound appointment was not last Wednesday. It will be this Wednesday, Halloween, in Joplin. He may be correct that this time we will find out what we’re getting. Just about everybody has put in their order but we’ll take what God gives us and just hope it and Momma are healthy. Worked on our two. KL

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