Things are running smoothly with the City  of El Dorado Springs.

The City of El Dorado Springs has put the boil order behind it and is working on establishing a clean record for three months.

City Manager Bruce Rogers said that once the city gets that clean record established it will move back to normal operations like it had before a water sample forced the city to implement a boil order.

The city will chlorinate for three months to establish a clean record.

A possible improvement for customers is that the county has taken over issuing tax bills for the city as of two years ago. This means one less bill for the customer to pay.

Rogers said that he city is looking for a pool manager to make sure the pool is going to open. He said the pool manager they had last year  may be available but she is working on her masters degree and he doesn’t know if she will have time.

He said they also need two more electric linemen for the utility department

Rogers said things are running smoothly between the city and the county as far as he knows.

Rogers and his son, Matthew, are waiting for crappie tournament season to crank up. There is no activity during the winter months.  They have won several major tournaments in the Midwest.