During the Public Forum portion of the Monday, Oct. 5, El Dorado Springs City Council meeting, Jackson Tough, executive director of the El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, requested that the city replace the 3×5 American Flags that the Chamber is placing on utility poles on Hwy 54. Tough said there are 1.2 miles of road with about a 3 minute drive time if you hit all the traffic lights. Tough said the Chamber was rising the money for the first flags and the hardware needed to attach them to the utility poles and requested that the city replace the flags on an annual basis. Tough also asked if that section of 54 could be renamed Patriotic Parkway. City Manager Bruce Rogers said he would investigate the possibility with MODOT. The motion was made ad seconded and passed to replace the 48 flags annually. The flags will be in place throughout the year.

Glenda Baker, also present at the Public Forum, made several suggestions about property and trash. She suggested that there be an ordinance that there be a 24 hour limit on trash cans being left out. She mentioned that there needs to be more than two bulky trash pickups. She also said there was a  problem with properties without utilities because there was no trash pickup. She mentioned  the exciting things happening in El Dorado Springs – the new library building, the flags on Hwy. 54 and the new businesses.

Also present during the Public Forum were Michelle LaRoux , Greg Beydler and Director of Economic Development Nick Allison.

All council members were present: Brett Entrikin. Jimmy Luster, Nick Bland, Cory Gayman and Mayor Nathan Murrell. Rogers and City Clerk Kandi Baldwin were also present.

The council passed bill 20-07, ordinance No. 1932, adoping a comprehjesive budget for fiscal year 2020-2021.

Rogers said the the chlorination is progressing, He said the transfomer behind the Police Department had an oil leak and that it has been fixed. He said the transformer was still under warranty.  He also said that there would be a planning and zoning request at the next meeting.

Luster commended Rogers for doing a good job on the budget.

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