There have been 33 cases of COVID-19 reported to the Cedar County Health Department that reside in Cedar County.  We have had one individual that did not live in our county, and the state continues to list him on our stats.  He was tested at least twice.

There are currently 3 active cases of COVID-19, all residing in the Stockton area.

There have been six individuals who were hospitalized, all from the Stockton area.

As of July 31, no one was hospitalized.

There have been no deaths.

We have no way of knowing how many individuals have been tested as we receive a line list showing that some have been tested more than once.  The number of negative tests performed on Cedar County residents was 1,298, as of 7:13 a.m. July 31. This report comes from the state.  This number does not include the positive individuals.

As of July 31, at 10:28 a.m., there were 33 individuals residing in Cedar County that have tested positive since the onset of COVID-19 in the United States. These cases have been reported to the Cedar County Health Department with confirmation of positive labs.

There is no way to determine the percentage of positive versus negative tests using the numbers provided to us because some have tested more than once, for surgery or to see if they still have the virus. It would be inaccurate.

Jenean Ehlers, RN – Community Services Manager

Cedar County Health Department

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