At the beginning of the Thursday, Nov. 17, School Board meeting, Dane Perry addressed the board.

“I came up here tonight for only one reason. On behalf of Wayne (Yakel) and I, I wanted to say thanks to the board and the district for the work. Wayne was instrumental a long time ago in getting me interested in some of the capital improvement projects here. In the last 10 or 15 years we have done a lot of work here and we appreciate it. None of the projects were any bigger than the one we just did – the ball field and the parking lot.

“I just want to say that every part of that was a pleasure. I wrote a list of every district employee that we worked with from start to finish which was pretty deep. I think there were 14 at least starting at building and grounds and going all the way up to the office with Karen and Tania and, of course, Mark, and everybody, it was a pleasure. Communication, excellent. Which is hard to get with that many people involved. “

“Everybody aimed toward a common goal. And I think the result of the project is the real winner when everybody works together like that. I just wanted to say thanks.”

What I’d like to do is make a contribution to the school. The only stipulation is that we’d like the money to go back into the capital improvements fund, the very fund our projects was always paid out of. It’s a check for $3,000. And just to say it’s been good.”


“I hope that you are as happy as we are.”

Board President Eason – “And many more to come. We’re going to dig out this hillside here in another six months so we’ll see where that goes.”

Dane – “There’s a lesson in it for me. Even a great idea can always be improved. More than once in this project, of course it was design build, more than once, we’d stop and says, “This is a great idea, but we could do this and make it even better.” And we did that several times and most times at no cost to the school.”

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