During the Monday, Jan 9, 2017, City Council meeting the council learned that the Department of Natural Resources has changed the requirements for the city’s burn permit.

City Manager Bruce Rogers said that the DNR will no longer approve an annual permit unless the city has an air curtain destructor. Currently the city is limited to three – 60 day permits. Rogers said he and Aaron Smith are checking into the possibility of building an air curtain destructor as the cheapest one found so far is $70,000. They are also investigating a Part 70 permit that is required for the air curtain destructor. Rogers said he would like to be able to get an annual permit so the city could burn on a daily basis.

Rogers, Councilmen Jim Luster, Randy Bland and Jerry Baldwin and Mayor Brad True were present as was City Clerk Lisa Allison.

During the Public Forum, Glenda Baker mentioned properties at 114 West Fields and 119 West Fields that were in need of cleaning up. She also mentioned the derelict house at the corner of Fields and Jackson as well at the construction debris at the corner of Spring and Jackson.

Rogers said the house at Fields and Jackson was scheduled to come down during the last round of demolitions, however WCA did not have the number of dumpsters needed for all properties. He also said that someone had been in contact with him about purchasing the house and fixing it up. Later in the meeting, Randy Bland suggested that if Rogers cannot make contact with the potential buyer that the city go ahead and take the house down.

The council voted on a resolution establishing revised user fees for the golf course. Golf Course Manager Dick Gardner recommend a change on the student season pass to require a college student to provide proof of full-time student status.

The council also approved a resolution for three additional years on the lease agreement with Gardner on the recommendation of the Park Board.

The council selected Allgeir Martin and Associates to provide electrical engineering design and construction inspection service for substation No. 1.

The council voted to purchase a salt spreader for $4,774.15 from Trux Trailer and Tractor Repair Inc., the lowest of three bids received.

The council appointed Ben Francis, a sergeant on the El Dorado Springs Police Department, to the Cedar County MU Extension Council.

Rogers said that the city received word after Jan.1 that funding up to $351,889 was proved for Phase II of the sidewalk project. The Chamber of Commerce was able to raise half of the $88,000 local match. Rogers estimates that construction will not begin until 2018 with all the environmental testing, plans, releases, etc. that must be done. Rogers said that any cost overruns on the project will fall to the city unless the Chamber does additional fundraising. Rogers said that until surveys are done, it is unknown what side of the street the sidewalk will be on.

The sidewalk will be from Hwy. 32 to Hospital Road then west to Park Street, then north and go across Hwy. 54 and join the sidewalks at the school, Then start north of the school and go approximately four blocks to tie in to existing sidewalks. A pedestrian activated signal may be an alternate at Hwy 54 and Park. A footbridge will be used at the creek crossing north of Fields.

Rogers said he has been in contact with the engineer in the water well issue. The engineer will be at the first meeting in February to discuss his findings and make recommendations for repair/replacement.

Rogers also said the insurance company has asked that an engineer prepare a cost estimate on the electrical substation since they don’t have this type of claim very often.

Rogers informed the city council the Missouri Municipal League had another cell phone company class action suit. The city’s portion of the award against Trac Fone will be approximately $27,465.60. Rogers said that in the past the city designated a percentage of awards to MML to assist with attorney costs. Rogers said that the paperwork should be ready for the next meeting.