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NEW LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR – Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson took the oath of office Monday, Jan. 9, 2017. Standing next to him is his wife, Teresa, and behind him are their children, Kelly Parson and Stephanie House, and to the right, Judge Mary R. Russell administering the oath.

Mike Parson’s Inauguration starement:

My fellow Missourians,

On behalf of my wife, Teresa, and our family, welcome to your Capitol.

We gather to celebrate and mark one of the most endearing aspects of our democracy: peaceful transition of power. To be Missouri’s 47th Lieutenant Governor is an honor I never thought possible and look forward to the responsibilities.

I am reminded, on my first day in office, of the challenges our state faces in the coming months and years. While there is much to accomplish in the short time we have, I take comfort in the blessing of your trust in me. The people of Missouri have mandated they wish to govern their own lives and make decisions for themselves, I take this directive seriously, and welcome the responsibility it entails.

Let it be known that I will represent all Missourians young and old, Republican and Democrat, from all walks of life and backgrounds. This is a government that represents the many, not the money. For too long, partisan bickering has slowed the wheels of progress nd taken us away from our sworn duty to make Missouri better for future generations. My highest priority is to change the way we conduct ourselves in government, to restore honor and integrity, so that we may work toward a brighter future.

Until the day I leave this building, I will work tirelessly to recognize and support our veterans, advocate for our seniors, improve our state’s economic and educational opportunities and speak up for those who do not have a voice. I will do my utmost to justify your faith in me. My office is your office.

Thank you for being here. May God bless each and every one of you and our great state.

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