BRYSON HONORED – Isabelle Rose Bryson…El Dorado Christian High School…2021 Senior… Student of the Year. The first sentence tells you a lot about Miss Bryson; her name, her age, her school, her award…but, many will tell you, there is more, so much more.

The Student of the Year Award (chosen by ECS Faculty) is a prestigious award given to an outstanding senior who demonstrates true Christian beliefs, a deep, solid faith, a Christ-Like Character, strong work ethic, academically focused, amazing leadership skills, caring, giving, and a respectful attitude to teachers, coaches, Administration, and fellow students.  This award has a long list of requirements, and yes, those who know Miss Bryson, knows she has met ALL the requirements.

Isabelle has a servant’s heart, a pure demeanor…she is definitely the daughter of Travis & Kelly Carter Bryson.  She is strong and soft- hearted; a mentor and a student, forgiving, independent, and, leaving El Dorado Christian High School…She is leaving a part of her, a part of her loving spirit which will continue to carry on through the halls of ECHS. Her Dad, Mr. Bryson, would be so proud…proud of her accomplishments, proud of her goals, proud of her Christ-Like love, her faith, her Legacy…Just as Mr. Bryson left his Legacy, Isabelle is leaving hers… Isabelle’s mom, ECS Principal, Mrs. Kelly Bryson said it best… “I challenge you…” (Stated to the ECHS 2020 Senior class at their commencement in July) “Leave a Legacy…Leave Your Legacy…” Isabelle accepted that challenge….Congratulations Miss Bryson, El Dorado Christian High School 2021 Student of the Year, you have left “Your Legacy.”

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