At the regular Friday, Jan. 31, meeting of the El Dorado Springs Special Road District, the commissioners (Ron Swopes, Mike Bush, and Lalan Cole – presiding) adopted the 2020 budget prepared by the bookkeeper Linda Breeden.

The bank balance on Dec. 41, 2019, was 407,692. Tax income from the county was $266,000. Miscellaneous income was $1,000. The total balance was $671,892.

Per their agreement, the Road District paid the City of El Dorado Springs 25% of the property tax – $67,000.

Projected expenditures for the coming year are: new equipment – $2,000 (although the district employee, Carl Swager, said that the District will need to replace the entire rig for mowing roadsides in the not too distant future – tractor, hydraulic arm and brush hog), rock – $35,000, road oil – $75,000. diesel/gas/propane – $5,000, tools – $1,000, supplies/culverts – $5,000, office supplies, janitorial, postage – $500, equipment repairs – $10,000.

The Road District’s 2020 budget calls for spending $1100 on city utilities, $1,000 on gas and $750 on telephone.

Insurance property/liability is budgeted at $6,661.

Total budgeted expenditures are $291,337.

Remaining budget total is $383,355,

The next Special Road District meeting is scheduled for 5:20 p.m. Friday, Feb. 28, in the district headquarters building on South First Street.