Ellison_Logan 1 cc front page A rural El Dorado Springs man pleaded guilty Tuesday in Vernon County Circuit Court to two counts of second-degree murder and one count of first-degree robbery.

Logan Ellison was charged with the fatal shootings of his grandparents, Herman Ellison, 76, and Rosie Ellison, 77, on Oct. 9, 2014, in their rural home on E. Quantrill Road, in Southeastern Vernon County where he was also a resident.

The grandson, who was born in 1996, pleaded guilty during a hearing Tuesday morning, July 12, in Vernon County circuit court. A plea agreement between Prosecutor Brandi McInroy and Public Defender Thomas Jacquinot caps the three concurrent sentences at 22 years, pending approval by 28th Circuit Presiding Judge James R. Bickel.

If the judge does not accept the cap, Ellison would be allowed to withdraw his guilty pleas pending a future trial. The judge ordered a sentence assessment review and scheduled a sentencing hearing for 3 p.m. Tuesday Aug. 30.

A press release from the office of Vernon County Sheriff Jason in October 2014 reported that the Ellisons were found dead inside their home after deputies responded to a 911 call late Friday evening.

Investigators reported at the time that Vernon County Sheriff Mosher requested the Southwest Missouri Major Case Squad be activated and investigators from the Nevada Police Department, El Dorado Police Department, Bates County Sheriff’s Office, Butler Police Department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to assist the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office with the investigation. Investigators worked throughout the night following up on leads and conducting interviews.

Ellison, Herman and Rosie 2 cc

On Oct. 10, 2014, according to the statement by Lt. John Randall of the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office he said he had probable cause to believe that Logan E. Ellison, 30474 E. Quantrill Rd, El Dorado Springs, killed them.

The evidence at the crime scene showed that Herman Ellison was shot in the head with no exit wound, and also in the right upper chest area and the bullet passed through his body and through the recliner and into the north wall of the residence.

The gunshot wounds to Herman Ellison appeared to have been from two different types of firearms.

Rosie Ellison appeared to have been shot with a small caliber weapon due to the fact of no exit wound on the body.

Information was obtained from the investigators that during the interview with Logan Ellison he confessed to shooting both Herman and Rosie Ellison and it was a accident,

When Logan arrived at the residence the interrogation was videotaped. Logan first stated that on Friday morning around 0700 hrs he was going to go hunting and he got a .22 cal rifle out of the hallway closet and he dropped the gun and it discharged striking Herman Ellison. He then turned in the hallway and his Grandmother Rosie Ellison came out of southwest bedroom and she grabbed the gun and the gun discharged striking her and as she was falling to the floor the gun discharged a second time striking her again.

Logan Ellison was advised that he was not being honest about what he was telling investigators.

Logan Ellison then stated on Thursday night 10-09-2014 he removed a .22 caliber from the hallway dropped the gun the bullet struck Herman Ellison and as he went to check on Herman Ellison Logan saw blood coming from the head area of Herman Ellison and Logan dropped the gun a second time striking Herman Ellison again then Logan turned and walked back down the hallway and his grandmother, Rosie Ellison, came out of the bedroom grabbed the gun causing the gun to discharge and as she was falling to the floor the gun discharged again striking Rosie Ellison a second time.

Logan Ellison the was told again that he was not being honest and Logan Ellison then admitted to shooting Herman Ellison with a 30-30 caliber and with the .22 caliber rifle removing items from his grandfather, Herman Ellison’s, front pocket, and removing money from the wallet belonging to Herman Ellison. Logan also stated the reason he shot Herman Ellison with the 30-30 was to put Herman out of misery because he was making noise after being shot with the .22 caliber rifle.

Logan Ellison also admitted to covering Herman Ellison up with the coat because Logan could not stand to look at his Grandfather Herman Ellison. Logan Ellison also admitted to picking up the .22 caliber casing and changed his story more than once about him throwing the spent shell casing out the window of the truck at three different locations, and that on Friday morning 10-10-2014 he returned to the home got clothes and left and went to the El Dorado Springs High School and then to the El Dorado Springs football game Friday night. The coach said Logan did not play.

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