Davis is into dwarf hamsters. He thought his mom just had to have a couple, so he deposited a cage on her desk complete with exercise wheel, watering bottle and feed dish a few weeks ago. There’s not room for anything else on her desk, so the cage was soon on the John S. Smith Library table in the middle of the office for all to enjoy.

The white female kept the exercise cage spinning and the smaller brown male off of it. If anyone walked up to look in the cage, she was right there, hoping to get out, I guess. Or looking for a finger food – a bite of your finger.

Today at noon, Davis called Kimball while we were are lunch to tell us he was trading out the two dwarf hamsters. He left two young brown identical females. Their sole goal in life seems to be to run that wheel. I have picked both of them up and didn’t get nipped once.

Mary and Gwen tell me that Davis brought several to see who would work out and the white monster bit every one of them at least once before he got her out of the cage. We were afraid she and the brown male would multiply, but she may be too mean for that.

– I’ve been looking for a gravestone in City Cemetery to take a requested photo. I didn’t ask for the job and don’t think I will ever attempt it again. The directions the guy sent me didn’t work Monday evening, so I went to City Hall Tuesday. Vi Clevenger gave me a map with the grave clearly marked in red and clearly showing me I had been looking in the wrong area.

During my tour, I got to read a lot of names I had never heard of. And I saw a few tombstones with birthdates but no end date, most of them of people I know. We kinda have our plots picked out but haven’t marked them. I do have a place reserved for me on the other side.

Guess I’ll have to go back and see Vi. Looked all over and never did find the tombstone I was supposed to photo.

– Seen on a bumper sticker: As a former fetus, I am against abortion. KL