EL DORADO SPRINGS COMMUNITY WATCH FORMS (from left) Anthony Penington , Jennifer Laabs, Mark Schweitzer and Nicholas Hawkins are in the process of forming a group that helps people look out for their neighbors. They cited the uncertainty of the police department situation and the fact that they believe that God put it on their hearts to do something.

Spokesman Mark Schweitzer said that there is a lot of planning that needs to done before the official roll out. Members need to know how to conduct themselves. He said that at an informal meeting about a week ago, there were about 35 interested people. Laabs said that the new Police Chief Brett Dawn was interested. It was mentioned that Dawn is rebuilding the department and is in effect starting with a clean slate.

The basic function of the Community Watch group is to patrol in their personal vehicles and report to the police anything they see as suspicious. Members do not become involved with individuals – are not confrontational.

They are eyes on the street, and as it is now, any call for help should go to the Police Department.

The groups said that they have made agreements to pay people for gas and minor repairs.

They said, “We would like to see El Dorado Springs like it was in the ‘good old days,’ people looking out for their neighbors…And because we love El Dorado Springs.”