We were so sorry to hear of the passing of Don Hillsman. Both his son, Brent, and wife, Elayne, worked here for many years. I know that Brent was working here (at 122 North Main) when we got our first computers. I know Elayne was there, too. She babysat Adrian for a bit while I ran off to do some sort of newspaper thing.  And they both came with us across the street to 125 North Main.

Courtwarming is this Friday. There will be a special 10th anniversary recognition for the 2014 class 3 State Champion Bulldogs. I guess it has been that long. I remember Kenny and I sitting on the floor underneath one of the baskets at that game. I we sat there so long that my main concern was whether or not I could get up gracefully.

I went to the Eagles Auction to benefit the Hope Center. As usual, there were lots of cool things to bid on. And in retrospect, there were some I wish I had bid on. That happened to me last year. So, I intend to go, year after year because it’s fun. As of right now, I don’t know how much they made.

And right now I’m enjoying some of Berta Anderson’s fudge. Heavenly. KSL

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