FOUR ALL STATES IN ONE YEAR– After many years of playing ball, showing sheep and working on the Farm and four years of hard work, determination, lots of sweat and a few tears in High School,  Trey Graves is the 1st student from El Dorado Springs High School to be a 4 sport/activity State winner all in one year.  All State Linebacker 3rd team, All State Wrestling 195 runner up, All State Catcher 2nd Team and State FFA Degree honors.  Trey was also the 1st student to make the Blue Gray All American Football  team and played as linebacker back in January, the 1st picked for the All Ozone Baseball team Honorable mention Catcher,  USA Todays High Schools Sports Southwest Missouri 3rd place Wrestler of the Year and was picked to play in the Sertoma Grid Iron Classic football game that was cancelled this year.  Trey is attending Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa this fall on a wrestling scholarship while getting a degree in Special Education and Physical Education.  He hopes to return home and teach and coach someday. They always say it takes a village to raise a child.  Trey had an amazing village of family, friends, coaches and teachers in ElDo that helped him reach his goals.

  The Sun would like to know and recognize other students that have excelled. Please let us know.

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