During the El Dorado Springs City Council meeting of Monday, September 20, City Manager Bruce Rogers said that approximately $728,000 had been made available to El Dorado Springs from the federal government. He said the stipulations on the money where fairly specific.

He said it could be used to support public health response, replace public sector revenue loss, water and sewer infrastructure, equity focus services and such things as broadband infrastructure. He was asked if it could be used for such things as improving the tennis courts in the Park. His answer was no. He also said it couldn’t be used to reduce the city’s tax rate for a year or make a payment to a pension fund.

Rogers said the city council would make a decision how to use the money after the budget is complete.

All the councilmen were present: Brett Entrikin, Jim Luster, Nick Bland, Cory Gayman and Mayor Nathan Murrell. The City Manager was also present.

During the Public Forum, Davis Long said he had almost had two accidents with motor vehicles while on his bike at the intersection of West Hickory and Main Street. He said that if there is a vehicle in the first parking spot on the west side of Main and Hickory it creates a blind spot for a few seconds and you can’t see the vehicle approaching from the north. Long was asked to send pictures to the city.

Glenda Baker said she was still interested in the trash containers, when the bulky trash pick-ups would be (she was told it was in Oct) and the city’s planning.

She then went on to say that she was replacing part of the fence around her yard that was destroyed due to straight line wind damage on May 27. She said that city employees had driven by her house the first day they were working on it and said nothing. She said that two days later the fence company‘s work was halted because there was no permit. She said the fence company obtained the permit from the city and completed that part of the fence. She said that the city had been contacted by Dig-Rite and the fence company before the work started. She said she thought that the whole episode could have been handled in a more professional and competent manner. She said she was embarrassed.

Rogers said that the fence company contractor, Josh, told him that he had called Dig-Rite, but had not called the city in advance. Rogers said that getting the permit from the city took about an hour and Baker was not charged for any downtime. Rogers also said that Josh was glad that the city asked about proof of insurance.