During the El Dorado Springs City Council meeting on April 15, the council learned that the city would not be eligible for two grants totaling approximately $460,000 because needed paperwork from the former police department had not been filed in Sept, Oct. and Nov. of 2023.  (These filings are supposed to done electronically every month.)

$40,000 was requested for four or five thermal cameras and several statewide communication radios. The $420,000 grant was for a training facility for the fire/police departments. Both grants would be paid with ARPA money which is the last of the Covid money available. The grants had been written when a representative of Kasinger Basin Regional Planning Commission, Shannon Stewart, asked former Police Chief Jarrod Schierek if the MIBRS reports had been filed.  It is a requirement of the grant applications and part of the Chief’s job description.

On Dec. 29, 2023, Chief Schierek responded to Steward that the reports had been filed. The grant was submitted by the deadline of Jan. 5. The city was notified on April 5 that the police equipment grant had been disqualified because of the Police Department’s lack of paperwork. The City has been notified that the other grant will also be disqualified because of the lack of the MIBRS reports.

The city thought all the paperwork had been filed.

Police Chief Brett Dawn, who became Police Chief in late January, is working to get the department caught up with their paperwork.

Council member Gabby Kinnett told Chief Dawn that she was embarrassed that the council didn’t know what was going on and she was sorry what he had to deal with it.

Dawn said he had hired Frank Lewis as the animal control and code enforcement officer. He said that he would have the seventh officer for the department within the next few weeks.

The council tabled the presentation of election results and the reorganization of the council until the city receives the  certified election results from the county.

The council heard the yearly presentation of the Audit by KPM.

Mayor Nathan Murrell signed the First Responder Equipment Grant from the Department of Public Safety for the purchase of a battery operated Jaws of Life extraction equipment,

The council also awarded a bid for a highway boring project to Cross County Boring for $27,500.

During the month of March, the police department received a total of 279 call for service. The Fire Department listed a total of 20 calls for service.

Rogers reported that the Mouse Races, made a little over $3,000 for the Picnic Entertainment Fund.

All Council members were present: Logan Friar, Allen Hicks, Gabby Kinnett and Mayor Nathan Murrell. Councilman-elect Alvan Reasoner was also present as were City Manager Bruce Rogers and City Clerk Kandi Rotert.