Logan Friar has been appointed to fill the council seat recently vacated by Glenda Baker. Friar will be sworn in at the next regular council meeting. He will remain in that position until the next regular election.

Before the meeting began Gabby Kinnett offered a prayer requesting wisdom in the decisions the council would make.

All council members were present, Allen Hicks, Gabby Kinnett and Nathan Murrell and Mayor Cory Gayman by phone. Also present were City Manager Bruce Rogers and City Clerk Kandi Baldwin.

The meeting was called to order by Murrell.

Before appointing Friar, the council voted to adopt the 2023 Cedar County multijurisdictional natural hazard Mitigation plan.

The council voted to approve the conditional use permit for Texas NH Management LLC.  Texas NH Management has purchased the old Woods and Shopko buildings out on 32 Hwy. Texas NH Management will lease the building to Tractor Supply. The conditional use permit allows Tractor supply to have a “do-it-yourself” dog wash facility in their building.

The council approved the first and second reading of Bill 23-04. Ordinance # 1949 an ordinance authorizing the execution and delivery of a solar access easement agreement related to the solar farm located in the city; consenting to the assignment and assumption of the interconnection and operating agreement related to the solar farm; and authorizing certain actions and documents in connection therewith.

Rogers explained that the ordinance allowed the Missouri Electric Utility Commission (MEC) to purchase the solar farm.

Rogers mentioned that there has been a power outage on Sunday, which was caused by a bird flying into the substation behind the police department. He said the city utility department was assisted by KAMO crews to get the power back on.

He also mentioned that the city’s 1980 pumper truck was in an accident when on the way to Collins for clutch work. He said replacing the truck would probably be between $50,000 and $100,000.

Rogers said that the city hadn’t be asked to put the flags back up on Highway 54.

He said that the Optimist club had delivered the playground equipment to the ballfield. Also, the city was replacing 40 – 50 ft of side walk at 310 S. Park. The city’s sidewalk replacement program allows the city to do the work if the materials are paid for by the property owner.

Kinnett said she wanted to give a big thank you to Charlie Green who takes care of the Park, for the great job he is doing. She also said there were a lot of people complaining about vandalism. She mentioned that if someone sees a crime, call the police, don’t put it on facebook.

Hicks thanked Rogers for all his hard work in securing a place for homeless and less fortunate people to take showers.

Baldwin mentioned that the stencil had been ordered for the Lake Hill Road project.