The El Dorado Springs Picnic will be July 22-24.  The committee will begin marking the streets with booth numbers on Wednesday morning, July 21.  The map will be put in the window at city hall to help vendors know where their spots are that afternoon.  Then beginning at 6pm, all trailers will be set first and then tents, etc.  Trailers should arrive early so the committee can direct which way you will need to line up.

The picnic committee is still accepting booth space applications for the 140th El Dorado Springs.  Applications can be picked up at city hall or call Judi at 417-876-2691 or message the picnic Facebook page.

At approximately 8 p.m. the Barnstormers will perform the dance in the park on the stage.

The picnic committee and Fun Time Show’s, Inc will offer three nights of carnival wrist bands for the 140th Annual El Dorado Springs Picnic. Wrist band tickets for each night may be purchased from city all during regular business hours beginning Monday, July 19 until Thursday July 22, at 4:30 p.m., City Hall will sell wrist band tickets on Friday, July 16.

The carnival will be selling the wrist band tickets during the rest of the picnic.