We are reaching out to you today because we need your help. Our building is an old building. Our building is a historic building. And, our building is in trouble. We are in need of a new roof. As anyone knows, the structure of a building is dependent upon all parts being in good repair. A leaky root, while seemingly innocuous, can lead to more damage to other parts of the building the longer it sits in disrepair. Wood rots, mold grows drywall crumbles, this lead to more costly repairs.

We are in need of approximately $10,000 to repair the roof. We are asking all of our members to donate as much as possible so that we may obtain the repairs needed so that our building does not crumble around us.

The old saying that “a man’s home is his temple” could not be closer to life imitating art at this point. Our lodge home is our temple and a temple in shambles does not make an impressive kingdom.

Please, we ask you to make a donation now so that we may repair our castle and maintain it’s status and glory in our community, the community we love and support, the community we help and depend upon.

Thank you,

Clintonville lodge #482