Missouri Governor Eric Greitens held a press conference Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. stating his resignation will become effective at 5 p.m. Friday, June 1.

That means that Lt. Governor Mike Parson will step into the top leadership role at that time. Mike is no stranger to El Dorado Springs and Cedar County, visiting here frequently during his years as a state representative, senator and then Lt. Governor. Prior to that he was the Polk County Sheriff.

Missouri House Investigative Hearings have been ongoing and the legislature anticipated a very long and drawn out process in dealing with the charges against the Governor. Bills passed during this legislative session will now be reviewed and signed or vetoed by the new Governor Mike Parson (R).

Mike was instrumental in saving the jobs at the Southwest Mental Health Facility in El Dorado Springs when the Department of Mental Health announced its planned closure.

Cedar County Presiding Commissioner Marlon Collins has worked extensively with soon to be Governor Mike Parson in all his roles over the years.

Commissioner Collins said, “I have always found Mike to be receptive. He makes time to listen when I drop by to visit him up at his office when I’m in Jeff City. I may not have an appointment. I can walk into his office and every time he’s had time. I’ve sat there with him for half and hour talking about different issues.”

“He’s got a background in business. He’s got a background as a sheriff, as a representative, as a senator, as a lieutenant governor. He understands and knows the system. Most importantly he understands the rural community. And with laws that are coming out of St. Louis and Kansas City, some of them have a negative effect on the rural community.”

“He is always cordial. I’ve heard his speeches when he was campaigning. He said right off the bat, ‘If I’ve got to slam my opponent, I don’t want the job. I’m here to talk about what I think and what needs to be done and what I want to get accomplished.’ ”

“Of course, he’s got that Buy Missouri program going and he’s been all over the state with that. He protected the farmer with that Right to Farm legislation he got passed.”

“He will very good for us. I just think that he’s going to be a great governor.”

“I talked to him in his office when the Greitens thing first started. He said, ‘This isn’t how I want to become governor. If it happens, I’ll become governor irregardless. It’s bad for the state of Missouri.’ I think he would have rather been elected.”

“He will have 2 1⁄2 years to prove himself. I think he will more than prove himself. I don‘t think he will have any trouble getting elected once people see what kind of governor they’ve really got.”

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