I would like to take a moment and remind everyone that Halloween is next week, Tuesday, Oct. 31. There will be activities going on throughout our community and children will be partaking in the “Trick or Treat” going door to door.

This means there will be more vehicles than usual on the streets as will as a large number of pedestrians walking on the sidewalks and in the street during the evening hours. Motorists need to be alert to this fact. Please use caution while driving to your destinations.

Children should always be accompanied by an adult and should only go to homes of family, friends and relatives. Children should never enter into a home upon invitation if the children do not know the person or persons present. Parents and guardians of children should inspect all treats before allowing them to be consumed. Costumes should have some type of reflective material, tape or cloth that would aid motorists in recognizing children walking along the streets, alleys and sidewalks after dark and in low light conditions.

People under the age of 18 cannot legally ride in the unenclosed bed of a pick-up-truck while traveling on the streets, alleys and roadways of the city.

Registered sex offenders are not allowed to have their yard lights on and must display a sign that indicates they are not participating in “Trick or Treat”. Also due to the “Creepy Clown” phenomenon that has captivated social media; I would discourage the wearing of a “Clown” costume. I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

Jarrod D. Schiereck

Chief of Police

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