Late in the Bulldog/Versailles football game Friday night, one of the refs told me, “This is the kind of game that makes better players, coaches, fans and refs.”

I didn’t reply. I know he was right, but I would have settled for less character development and about six more points.

Our players and coaches and us fans can all hold our heads high. No one was embarrassed.

I’ve heard that as the Super Bowl is played, there will be lots of groups of millionaires watching – the teams that didn’t make it.

When the Bulldog Band played the National Anthem, I was in the parking lot getting my camera equipment ready. But I did take time, of course, to remove my cap, hold it over my heart and watch Old Glory wave in the stiff breeze. I did not even look at the young men on our team. I had full confidence about what they were doing.

Great game, gentlemen.

– We were hoping for more brilliant fall colors. Conservation says the dry weather is to blame. For several years Kimball and I noted that Oct. 15 was the peak color day. That’s always a hind sight observation. I can never be sure it is a peak day until I look back and decide yesterday was better.

Tuesday morning I looked at the oak trees north of our house and saw that they are turning brown.

– I went turkey hunting Saturday with no success. I wasn’t hunting deer as I headed for Nevada about 3:30 Wednesday morning. but I took a pretty good shot at a four point buck that bolted across Hwy. 54 and took out my right front corner.

Monday evening as I was going home by County Line Road about 9:30 to avoid the deer on Lake Hill Road, I saw a flash of white out of the corner of my eye as the driver side door sounded like it exploded as I passed the last Julian Ready Mix building at maybe 30 mph. I turned around at the Elton Burch Road. I found a little bitty doe laying on the north side of the road. I called a friend who told me he would like to have a small deer if I hit one. He wanted this one.

I called Conservation Agent Derek Farwell and told him I had just killed one of his deer. He said my friend could have it so I gave Derek his number.

There are two or three things about this incident that are good: the little deer won’t go to waste, the only damage from the impact was a broken neck for the deer, my friend and his family will enjoy it and the little deer won’t do it again. KL

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