On March 22, the El Dorado Springs R-2 School District hosted an anti-bullying assembly for grades 6-12. The district contracted with a company who had previously performed in over 1,500 school districts. The presentation involved guest speakers, music and dancing. We have been made aware that parts of the performance made some uncomfortable. The district felt it had done its due diligence with researching the background of this company and no red flags were raised at that time. While we feel the overall message of the presentation is important and relevant to our students, we understand this message needs to be receptive to all. Ass a result of some of the feedback we have received, we will evaluate our protocols and procedures to vet companies/guest speakers in the future.

  According to El Dorado Springs Schools Superintendent Brad Steward, the company was selected by counselors and principals in the Middle School and High School. He does not believe that there was anything inappropriate at the performance, but that someone had looked up one of the performers on social media and discovered was alleged to be provocative material.

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