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BOARD SEES LIFESAVING TOOLS – Cedar County Ambulance District Manager Tom Ryan brought some lifesaving and back saving tools to the June 20 board meeting so the board could see what they have recently purchased. The biggest purchase at $17,000 each was two Stryker battery powered cots (one for El Dorado Springs and one for Stockton) which can lift up to a 700 lb. patient and automatically load the cot into the ambulance (helping prevent employee back injuries, the No. 1. Work Comp claim.) The new training Nursing Annie mannequin at  $4,000) hooks to a computer to tell employee and trainer what is being done correctly and incorrectly in learning a life-saving procedure. The Lucas II (on the mannequin’s legs), a $27,000 purchase for both ends of Cedar County) will automatically and correctly perform CPR. It will take over the difficual task of performing “good CPR.” CCAD District Manager Tom Ryan said that CPR is exhausting work and the provider needs to be relieved every two minutes. The Lucas II doesn’t get tired. The training mannequin is transported in the old ambulance CMH recently purchased from the district. Ryan said, “You don’t see many small towns and counties with access to this type of lifesaving equipment.” Pictured are (from left) CCAD board members Kenny Turner, Katie White, John Wilson – president and Sue Rice – treasurer.