Several local landlords were present at the El Dorado Springs City Council on Monday, June 20, to voice their oppositions to a possible ordinance that would require them to have their property inspected by the city between renters.

Councilmen Jim Luster, Randy Bland, Jerry Baldwin and Mayor Brad True were present as was City Manager Rogers. City Clerk Lisa Allison and Councilman Nick Bland were absent.

During the Public Forum, Heather Brown was the first to speak. She said she understood that there was a movement to clean up El Dorado Springs. She said she believed that landlords needed to be responsible for their properties, but when it came to inspections and fees, it would have a trickle down effect. She said any fees would have to be passed on to the renter.

Patsy Brownlee also spoke. She said she agreed with Ms. Brown that forced inspections would be detrimental. She said that several landlords had called her, including Randy Conway, Darren Toliver, Tim Minehart, Mae McNeece and Carolyn Rash and they all were opposed to governmental intervention.

“It is going to hurt the landlords,” Brownlee said.

Greg Castor, also a landlord, asked what the purpose of such an ordinance would be and asked if the council was considering one. The council responded that it was something they hadn’t actually discussed and it wasn’t something they planned to do in the near future.

Castor asked if the council ever considered an ordinance that would require a city inspection between renters, that the landlords be included in the discussion.

Jami Carpenter, also a landlord, said it took a month to clean up after one renter and landlords couldn’t wait another month for an inspection.

The council voted to hire Kamber Cain, Countyliners, Kassy Wynes Van Dyk, Riann Van Dyk, Gavin McNeely, Riley Taylor and Carla Bledsoe to entertain at the Picnic in July.

On the second and final reading of Bill No. 16-02, Ordinance No. 1887, the council voted to increase the minimum charge for electrical service: residential service from $6.58 to $8.58; residential service all electric from $6.58 to $8.58; small general service single phase from $7.09 to $9.09; small general service three phase from $10.18 to $12.18 and large general service from $19.45 to $21.45.

Rogers said that the El Dorado Springs electrical fund began experiencing an operational income loss in the 2011-2012 fiscal year. He said was due to an abrupt increase in the wholesale cost of electricity purchased by the city for resale.

During his City Manager’s report, Rogers said the new police vehicle had arrived. He said one of the old vehicles would be retired. He said the city should get another new vehicle next year. He also said there had been 24 traffic stops from operating radar in a two week period.

During the Mayor/Council segment, Luster asked what the city policy was on determining who can let a property grow up and bale it for hay? He said that the property at the east end of Twyman was unsightly. “Seems to me it goes far too long before it gets mowed,” Luster said. Rogers said he would look into it.

Rogers said that three derelict properties should be taken care of before the Picnic.

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