America’s favorite foods for cookouts remain affordable for the 2016 grilling season. A recent price check of 14 items included in most outdoor summer meals found Missouri shoppers paying only 61 cents (1.2%) more than this time last year, $50.50 compared to $49.89 in 2015.

The menu includes hot dogs, cheeseburgers, pork spare ribs, potato salad, baked beans, watermelon, corn chips, lemonade and chocolate milk. Since the grocery list provides for 10 people the cost for Missouri shoppers would be $5.05 per person.

“The most significant changes in price occurred at the meat counter,” said Missouri Farm Bureau Promotion and Education Director Diane Olson. “We saw a drop in beef prices due to a supply increase from the dramatically low levels in 2014 and 2015.” Ground round dropped from $4.19 per pound to $3.49. Pork spare ribs remained unchanged at $2.99 per pound.

The average price for the same items on the national level rang in at $56.06 or $5.61 per person. A review of the shopping list found Missouri shoppers paid less for 12 items and only two were higher in the Show Me state.

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