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LITTLE MR. AND MISS CANDIDATES – The Little Mr. and Miss Santa Candidates were introduced at the Christmas Lighting in the Park on Monday, Nov. 22.  Contestants are: Kaysen Strauch, daughter of Kurt and Amber Strauch; Lily Keith, daughter of Justin and Chelsea Jacobs; Nova Perkins, daughter of Arthur and Valerie Perkins; Lexy Zartman, daughter of Rob and Shelly Zartman;  Maci Walter, daughter of Chad and Krissy Walter; Kashly Berning, daughter of Kandice Berning; Reece Benenhaley, son of Alexa Keith and Leo Benenhaley; Boston Johnson, son of Breann Johnson and Steven Lamb; Kane Caldwell, son of Klay and Jennifer Caldwell; Aidan Nelson, son of Brittany and Nick DiRusso; Talon Robison, son of Scott and Michelle Robison; Jason Spencer, son of Samantha Spencer and Aidan Reasoner, son of Jonathan  and Megan Resasoner.