wilburs 2016 Front Page 3cc

IT ATTRACTS ‘EM – Dederick hasn’t seen such a crowd since… Wilbur Charbonneau’s free fireworks show last year and 52 years before that. On Tuesday evening, June 21, cars, pickups, dune buggies and motorcycles lined both sides of Hwy. 54 and onto Hwy. AA north and Hwy. K south of Hwy. 54. If there had been a vacant space there was a vehicle in it. While it was yet light, Circle S Boys and Paula Newman entertained the crowd ,but when the last rays were barely waning, it was time for the hotshots, first sparkly fireworks, then bigger stuff. After the last fireworks exploded in the sky, the crowd waited a few minutes hoping for more then the mass, but orderly exodus started back to El Dorado Springs, Nevada and wherever they call home.

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