Saturday Kimball started working in the yard while the day was still cool, so you know it was early. I found my own list of things that needed to be accomplished. Chief among them was building watering dams around some of the baby red buds, flowering dog woods and white oaks we got from Conservation.

I answered several texts from Adrian about the new puppy I thought she and Cain were considering. They drove across half of Louisiana into Texas to “see it.” Davis told me he knew they wouldn’t go that far just to look at a puppy. The first question Adrian had was how to get the puppy to give her the ball after he retrieved it. I told her he would want to please her and to just be his friend and not his boss. I suggested she just do nothing until he put down the ball then praise him for it.

I thought it was kind of strange that they had named him. She said as soon as she saw his reddish ears she said, “That’s a merle pattern.” So the pup’s name is Merle.

Then Kimball told me that had purchased the 12-week-old Aussie-Doodle. Adrian called me from back home in Baton Rouge as they took him for his first walk on a leash.

Tuesday I called her to see how she, Cain and Merle were doing. Adrian was working in Austin. Cain told her over the phone that Merle jumped off the bed for the first time. I remember when Adrian was working to teach Penny how to jump onto the bed.

Saturday evening, I had a thought and called Adrian to tell her that where Merle slept his first night in their house would be where he sleeps forever. She said she and Cain had just had that conversation and Cain wants him to sleep on their bed like Penny did. I think the pup will be able to handle that.

Kimball and I had just the opposite approach with Adrian and Davis. They always slept in their own beds. Pets like Bob, our bob-tailed Pekinese, and Penny, our monster black cat, let us sleep in “their” bed. So do Bella and Caddeaux now.

– Mary True showed me an item which her husband, Brad, found somewhere. You know since the wife gave it to me, it’s official.

There was no heading. No explanation: Engagement ring, wedding ring, suffer ing.     KL