My husband, Harold Wray Wilson, recently experienced severe adnominal pain that came on quite rapidly. I drove him to Cedar County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) as quickly as possible. I called ahead, and the Hospital staff was there to meet me at the Emergency    Department. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I did not try to go in with him. After being evaluated, he was quickly sent by ambulance to Cox Hospital in  Springfield where he was diagnosed with a severe gall bladder attack and was operated on the next morning. He was released the second day after his surgery and brought home by personal vehicle. However, he was never relieved of his pain and suffered much  distress. The following day we again rushed him to CCMH. The Emergency Department Physician realized immediately that he would need to be flown back to Cox where he required additional surgical procedures. Due to his health concerns, we are doubtful he would have made it if he had traveled the       distance by ambulance. At this time, he is back at CCMH and recovering in the Swing Bed Unit  he is alive because of Cedar County Memorial Hospital!

He is now able to be close to home and around folks that he knows to get the best recovery care possible. He is working with their excellent Physical Therapy Department to gain strength. PLUS, the fact that he is able to see family undoubtedly is speeding his recovery.   If CCMH had not been here in El Dorado Springs at this time, we feel relatively sure that the  outcome could have been different. We are fortunate to have him back close to home where he is improving near his family. I am sure there are others who have experienced similar situations through the years, and we have CCMH to thank for all the times they are here for all of us.

I encourage everyone who can to get out and vote “YES” for this tax levy increase on June 2. Although I live in Vernon County and do not pay taxes for this Hospital, I do pay taxes, and don’t begrudge the ones we pay that go to other facilities to help folks in similar situations. I’m sure that many St. Clair and Vernon County residents, like us, have used CCMH and I thank God that ALL taxes are used for the common good of ALL of us!

Thank you Cedar County Memorial Hospital for all you do for the folks in Cedar County and beyond!

Shirley Wilson and Family – Kim, Randall and Chris

El Dorado Spring

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